PS 100 Course Info

  • Syllabus
    The syllabus outlines course policies for the day sections of PS100 and shows you how your grade will be calculated. Students are expected to read and understand this material.
  • Class Schedule
    The class schedule specifies the reading to be done before class and gives the deadlines for homework and exams.
  • Homework Assignments
    Homework assignment are due each Friday at 5:00 PM in your TA's box. Vocabulary quizzes are here.
  • Exemption Exam
    You can test out of Physical Science 100!  It will not hurt your grade to try, and it gives you a preview of what the exams are like.
  • Register Your Transmitter ID
    It takes several days after you add a course for your name to appear on the rolls. You can use your clicker before it is registered.

Help Resources

  • Tutorial Lab
    Teaching Assistants are regularly available in the walk-in lab to answer questions about the material and course policy.
  • Practice problems, videos, and other study aids
    Students can use these practice problems to help gauge how well they are understanding concepts.
  • Molecular Models
    During the chemistry chapters students can use these models to help them visualize the molecules being discussed.

Evening and SLC Sections

  • Evening Class Packet
    The information on this page is for the regular day sections at BYU Provo. The evening and SLC classes are different.  If you are in the evening section, use your course syllabus.

Online Section