Chapter 30 Review

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Sea level is the lowest elevation to which all streams cut.
In general, groundwater moves very slowly.
Rocks with high permeability allow water to flow easily through them.
If a rock has high porosity, the same rock will have high permeability.


The picture was taken near Mona, Utah. Which of the following caused the features in the image to the right? A photo of an alluvial fan.
In general, which of the following sources is the most important for fresh water for humans?
The most important erosional agent of the hydrological system is which of the following?
Which of the following correctly describes how energy from the sun drives the hydrologic cycle on Earth?
Moraines are associated with which of the following?
The picture below shows a valley in Oregon. Which of the following caused the features in the image? A photo of u-shaped valley.
Which of the following statements is true concerning streams?
Streams cut deep valleys as they travel through mountains, but the same streams deposit large amounts of material to form deltas when they reach the ocean. Why?

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