Sample Homework

These are some OLD homework assignments intended to give prospective students and administrators at other institutions an idea of what the course looks like. If you are currently enrolled, go to to see the homework assignments for this semester.

Week 1.

Worksheet 1 (Class Policy)
Scientific Reasoning Quiz

Week 2.

Chapter 3: Analysis Question 10
Worksheet 2: Electric Force and Charge

Week 3.

Worksheet 3: Weight and Contact force
Chapter 6: Synthesis Question 5
Chapter 7: Synthesis Question 2

Week 4.

Worksheet 4: Conservation Laws
Unit 1 Vocabulary Quiz and practice test *

Week 5.

Worksheet 5: wave behavior
Worksheet 6: photoelectric effect

Week 6.

Worksheet 7: Hand Warmers
Chapter 13: Synthesis Question 3
Worksheet 8: Models of the atom table

Week 7.

Chapter 17: Synthesis Question 7
Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz and practice test *

Week 8.

Chapter 18: Synthesis Question 8

Week 9.

Worksheet 9: Mass and IR Spectrometry
Worksheet 10: Activation Energies

Week 10.

Worksheet 11: Types of Bonding
Worksheet 12 Intermolecular Forces

Week 11.

Chapter 25: Synthesis Question 11
Unit 3 Vocabulary Quiz and practice test *

Week 12.

Chapter 26: Synthesis Question 1
Worksheet 13: Geologic Causes of Natural Disasters
Worksheet 14: Relative Dating

Week 13.

Chapter 29: Synthesis Question 2
Chapter 31: Synthesis Question 2
Chapter 32: Synthesis Question 9
Make sure to plan a time to go to Rock Canyon for Worksheet 15

Week 14.

Planetarium Sessions. You must bring your clicker to receive credit. See schedule for timesIf you choose to, go to the planetarium in place of your regular lab.
Think about homework 15 since it's due on Tuesday. Plan your Rock canyon trip if you haven't already done so.

Homework 15.
Due Tues.

Worksheet 15: Rock Canyon Field Trip
Unit 4 Vocabulary Quiz and practice test *
Scientific Reasoning Post Quiz
There may be a few more planetarium shows Mon. and Tues. if you didn't make it last week, it's worth checking the schedule.

* You may try each question up to 5 times. You will be given the score that you receive on your last attempt. You may study the quiz in groups, but you must take the quiz individually, without referencing notes or your book.