Physical Science 100 Reviews

Online Reviews

This website provides a series of online reviews for each chapter of the Physical Science 100 textbook. We recommend that you go through the reviews after you have at least read the chapter, and perhaps attended lecture. Each chapter review contains the sections described below. We recommend that you check your answers for each section and review the questions you miss before proceeding to the next section.

Video Review

The videos provide a high-level review of selected concepts. They are not intended to be a replacement for the material in the textbook and lecture. Rather, they are designed to refresh your understanding of the key concepts after you've already studied them in the textbook and lecture.


The Vocabulary section tests your understanding of the meaning of key terms introduced in the chapter. This section tests your knowledge of the definitions of terms and phrases through a set of matching questions. If you miss a definition in this section (or got it right, but don't know why), go back to the textbook and look up the phrase to help you master the vocabulary of the chapter.


The True/False section applies the key ideas from the chapter to simple situations and tests your knowledge with a set of True/False questions. These questions tend to be simpler than those found on exams, but are good initial tests of your understanding. Again, if you miss a question or are confused by the answer, we recommend that you review the concepts from the textbook or discuss with a TA to identify your misunderstanding.


The Analysis section presents a set of multiple choice questions that require you to apply the concepts from the chapter to more challenging scenarios. The style of questions in this section is similar to the multiple choice section of the exams. Make sure you understand the reasons why a given answer is correct rather than just trying to get the "right" answer

Free Response

The free response sections gives sample questions that are similar to the free response questions on the exams. On an exam, you would be asked to write a very short essay response to this type of question. For the chapter review, we suggest that you verbally explain your answer to another student in the class. It can also be helpful to write out a brief answer like the one you would provide on an exam as a practice exercise.

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